How to Buy

A&A is an easy-to-use online store where you have hundreds of products to buy easily at very low cost.

The first thing to do to buy from us is to register, so you have your full details for shipping.

Once registered you access the site with your data.

Buy products by putting them in your virtual cart.

Once you have finished, you can checkout and from there you can choose the shipping method with its cost, and the method of payment.

Once you have finished the procedure you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order, this means that everything has gone well.

The states of progress are:

Pending payment, which means that your order is waiting to be processed.

Preparing in progress, which means your order is being processed.

Shipped, which has been handed over to the courier, then shipped and will soon arrive at your location.

Orders are shipped within 24 hours after your order is paid for.


The technical specifications of the products and / or equipment may vary without notice.

The prices of products may increase without notice.


A&A is not ‘responsible for any damage or loss, direct and / or indirect, arising from the sale of goods and services offered on the website, including delayed and / or non-delivery of the product, nor’ for the correspondence of the goods to the specifications published on the site, nor’ for any other fact not directly attributable to A&A.

Prices can be changed at any time, without notice.